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  • Newmoon


    "Don’t get caught up in ‘making it big’ or ‘winning’. Just do what comes naturally and keep at it. Good things come to those who care."

  • Vanna


    "Give us tragedy and we will give you hope, divide us, we will come together stronger than ever before."

  • Four Year Strong

    Four Year Strong

    "Everything that has happened to the band has led us to this point and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The band is strong, and taking any other path might weaken it."

  • Boy Jumps Ship

    Boy Jumps Ship

    "Always aim to write a great chorus, it’s all about the chorus."

  • Vinyl Me, Please

    Vinyl Me, Please

    "There’s no favouritism. It’s about the music as an art form, and our goal is to present the best of the best on a regular basis."


RMP Magazine #14


RMP Magazine #14.

With all those festivals, shows, events and what else going on it looks like those in the music business have their hands tied for the next weeks. From promoters and bookers to stage crew and artists, all those fine people are sweating their asses off to provide you with some of the best musicians that the music industry has to offer. Same here at RMP headquarters; we can barely keep up with all the good shows going on where we want to be front row to bring you the best pictures and latest news and interviews. But it's our duty, goal and privilege to provide you all of those goodies so we're not complaining. Bring it on; this is what we're made for.

Before we grab our bags and head out for a crazy summer experience, we didn't want to leave you empty-handed. So until then fill up that idle time with our latest issue of RMP Magazine. In this fourteenth magazine we’ll feature interviews with up and coming Belgian shoegaze indierock sensation Newmoon, Boston's very own Vanna, the northerners of Boy Jumps Ship and Four Years Strong. To complete this package a new set of reviews and some of the best events happening soon are added to get you into battle mode. Time to hit the road again!



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