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Welcome back to edition number 11 of RMP Magazine! Spring is in the air and plans are made for the summer. New names are being dropped on a weekly base and the festivals are laying the final pieces of the puzzle for us to pick our personal choices. Some of those names are exciting, some surprising and some strange but all in all a dead certain guarantee for an exciting summer full of our favourite pastime of enjoying live music.

We at RMP Magazine will hop along with you on this magical ride and try to cover some of this essence in our future magazines. But for now, we will provide you with another dose of interviews, reviews and a new mixtape to guide you during all that scheduling you’ll need to do very soon.

So join us into RMP Magazine 11 and we’ll guide you from our Mainstage featuring interviews including A Day To Remember, Kaiser Chiefs, Taking Back Sunday, Parker Deal to our Marquee where you’ll find reviews from the latest works of Caliban, Crosses, Shin To Shin, Morning Glory, Depths and many more!

For your non-music related appetite, please try our tasty Foodporn section to fill those hungry stomachs and along the way home grab one of our mixtapes. This time Joris Casier from Steak Number Eight chose the tracks for our latest edition of Mixtape. Enjoy and ‘till we meet again in the pit!


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RMP Magazine #11


RMP Magazine, Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs

This band of Northerners disappeared to the background for over four years but now they're back with a brandnew album. We we're given the opportunity to speak with bassplayer Simon Rix and found out some more about their creative process, the experience of playing a 40000 piece crowd in a filled up Leeds Elland Road stadium and how to handle with bad reviews.

RMP Magazine, A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember

The Florida based outfit A Day To Remember recently played Brussels and we at RMP had a nice chat with guitar player Neil Westfall about the new self released album and the troubles they had with previous label Victory records. We also got some inside knowledge into the current rig that Neil is playing and some tips on how to select a restaurant.

RMP Magazine, Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday

NY's Taking Back Sunday have been around for over a decade and recently released a new album titled Happiness Is. Time for RMP to dig in some deeper on what the guys think of their new record with a few occasional humorous sidesteps about vinyl records, their new found label Hopeless records and even something on the listening the first time to the new album and it's distinctive artwork.

RMP Magazine, Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club is on the rise to international fame, from their new album So Long, See You Tomorrow going straight to number 1 in the UK charts, to their nearly sold out European tour this foursome seems to taking the world by storm. We recently sat down at the Brussels show and learned all about their experiences with teenage fan girls and even some interesting facts on loops, circles and the bizarre phenakistoscope that comes with the album.

RMP Magazine, Sons Of The Sea

Sons Of The Sea

Brandon Boyd is mostly know from being the frontman of Incubus, but with the latter band on hiatus Brendan started a new project with his long time producer and friend Brendan O'Brien. Sons Of The Sea was born and their debut album was released last month. Time for some words with Brendan Boyd about this new direction.

RMP Magazine, Parker Deal

Parker Deal

One man, many instruments and tons of talent. That's all Parker Deal needed to make his solo album almost single handed. Hailing from Tennesee but with European roots Parker took a break from his busy schedule and gave us an insight on his life and recent work. Meet Parker Deal, multi-instrumentalist, producer, globetrotter, ... the world is his oyster.

RMP Magazine, Mixtape


As mentioned in our previous issue RMP Magazine, it now comes with a fresh and invigorating Mixtape for you all to enjoy with each release. For this issue we found a good victim in Belgians finest sludge masters Steak Number Eight's drummer Joris Casier to share us his favorite tracks.

RMP Magazine, Foodporn


In this issue we took a peek into the kitchen and works of Just Like Your Mom catering, those same vegan warriors that serve us delicious vegan food at fests like Groezrock and even cater to some of your favorite bands. Your tastebuds will be tingled just be reading their recipe to some healthy and fingerlicking good cupcakes!


In this issue: Shin To Shin, Reverted Horton Heat, The Crash Years, Circus Mayhem, La-Ventura, Depths, I Am The Avalanche, Bruce Springsteen, Crosses, Caliban, F.O.E.S, We Are The In Crowd, The Bellicose Minds, Supercharger, More Than A Thousand & Morning Glory.




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Major League @ Anchors Up

Major League @ Anchors Up

Major league, Have Mercy, Seaway & Better Off // Thursday, 06 March, 2014 // Anchors Up, Haverhill MA, USA. Pictures By Matthew Howard.

Trivium @ Trix

Trivium @ Trix

Trivium @ Trix, Antwerpen // February 12, 2014 // Photos by Daria Colaes.



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